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A natural pool in your own garden

Natural, crystal-clear water

Feet dangling in the water, sunlight dancing on the water’s surface and a feeling of tranquillity. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Pure relaxation in your own garden – a paradise for you alone to enjoy, as if you were bathing in a natural lake. Enjoy the pleasant scent of the water and dive in with eyes wide open. All of this is possible in your own natural pool equipped with the TeichMeister System. This system, which features a biological self-cleaning process, guarantees pure bathing pleasure. The crystal-clear water is even suitable for those who suffer from allergies.

The alternative to a conventional swimming pool

TeichMeister natural pools feature an aquatic biology with long-term stability, providing the ideal mix of attractive setting and ease of maintenance. When buying a natural pond, it is essential to take into consideration the work required to run and maintain it. This will ensure that you can enjoy the quality and usability of your pond for many years. Conventional swimming pools require the use of chemical additives, but with a natural pool this is unnecessary. However, in order to achieve a stable aquatic biology, the facility still needs to be maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. Only then your TeichMeister natural pool system can guarantee untroubles bathing and swimming - last but not least thanks in no small part to the ‘Aqua-Superton’ filter system. 

The freedom to create your own individual design

We will create your natural pool on site according to your requirements. The vertical walls which divide the swimming area from the shallow area can be made from a combination of film lining and concrete, natural stone or wood. The filter system is purpose-designed at the planning stage for each individual pool and adapted to the particular nature of the site. The filter zone can be located directly beside the swimming area or can totally separate. We will design your pool entirely in accordance with your wishes and requirements.

And don’t forget that we can even convert your existing swimming pool into a natural pool!

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