About us

Nature as it was intended

Relaxation at any time of day or night

Imagine a beautiful lake in the lap of nature: idyllic, tranquil and relaxing. Now imagine you could have all that in your own garden. The TeichMeister System swimming pond has all the advantages of a natural lake: crystal-clear water and attractive plant cover at the water’s edge. Everything in perfect harmony, just as nature intended – and you’re right there in the middle of it. Come home from work, dive into your swimming pond and experience one of life’s pleasures. Enjoy a feeling of well-being and relaxation that is good for the body and mind, for the whole family.

Relax the natural way all year round

Well-being in your own paradise

A lakeside home – everyone dreams about it, but who can actually afford it? You can, when you build a TeichMeister swimming pond in your own garden! And it’s not just the view that will put a smile on your face - a swimming pond like this has something to delight all the senses. Swimming is an excellent way of keeping fit, but you can also enjoy the flourishing plant life surrounding the pond, from spring right through to autumn. And if you think that all costs far too much time and money, think again! Because TeichMeister’s garden and landscape architects will keep your wishes in mind at all times. We can create a natural swimming pond for almost any size of location.

The technical edge

The biological filter system that cleans the water

Like our natural pools, our swimming ponds stand out thanks to the technical benefits they offer. They are all equipped with the ‘Aqua-Superton’ filter system. A planted, 100% biological filter zone can recycle the water within 10 - 24 hours, depending on the size of the facility. The filter zone can be located directly beside the swimming area as part of the shallow area, or can be completely separate (follow the link to our sample designs). The water is drawn out of the swimming area at the surface by one or more skimmers and is then filtered mechanically with a filter basket. This process ensures that the water surface is cleaned continually. The circulation pump is located out of the water, in a pump shaft or technical control room. The pump provides an evenly regulated supply of water to the filter zone so that the water is cleaned continuously. A rock fountain or stream can also be fed at the same time.

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Bathing pleasure without chemicals
Hygienic and crystal-clear water completely without chemical additives. Read here how this works.